Our collars are made by hand and can be customized to your sizes.

We know there is no such thing as one size that fits all, which is why we've decided to to make them approx. 21 inches long with ~5 inches of adjustment.

This should fit most people. But if you want it bigger or smaller, we can do that too!


I do not do vanity sizing. If my skirt says 32 inches, that's how wide it should be when unfurled.

They are handmade, which means there will be some variations.

I tried bringing these to events labeled with sizes, but everyone has a different idea of what size the are! Instead of trying to determine what small or large means to me, I just list these as measured.

To ensure a good fit, measure where you want these to sit and pick the closest option! All of our skirts have 3-4 inches of adjustment built in.


We do not make our socks. We import these in bulk. They are larger than average for import fashion. Unless specifically stated, these are knee high.


Our leather masks include adjustable straps.

Our cloth masks come in one size, but are intended for adult sized heads.


Like our cloth masks, our furry ears are intended for adult sized heads.


Our tails attach via a loop onto your belt. They are loosely modeled after different animals, and as such, vary in dimensions. That said, they are typcially 30 inches long, from one end to the other.